• Self-Supporting Municipal Improvement District (SSMID) Executive Director

    Downtown Clinton Alliance
    Job Description
    The primary duty of the Executive Director for the Downtown Clinton Alliance SSMID (SSMID) is to manage the day-to day activities and project directed and authorized by the Board of Directors (Board). The Administrator will follow the requirements of the SSMID By Laws, as well as be familiar with the requirements of the SSMID must follow as a taxpayer funded organization through the City of Clinton.
    These duties include the following:
    • Manage projects authorized by the Board.
    • Keep records of all financial activity, as directed by the Treasurer.
    • Be knowledgeable of the open meeting rules and other governmental requirements for SSMID activities.
    • Prepare meeting agenda (Approved by Board Chairperson)
      • Send to City for posting.
      • Send to stakeholders.
      • Organize pre-board meeting with Board Chairperson and Treasurer.
      • Work with the Board to prepare Annual Budget for SSMID to send and present to City for approval.
    • Send required notice of Board meetings, as specified in the By Laws of the SSMID.
    • Keep records of each Board meeting and produce Minutes from each Board meeting as directed by Secretary, to be read at the following meeting.
    • Respond to members requests.
    • Keep records of memberships for the Board
    • Perform all duties as directed by the Board in a timely manner (Text, Call, Email)
    • Build and maintain healthy relationships with downtown businesses and property owners.
    • 15-20 hours per week, Pay is based on Experience.
    • Computer knowledge required.
    Email: tclark@zirkelbachs.com
    Contact Information