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    Job Description
    Warehouse Associate –
    Here at Colony Brands Clinton Fulfillment our Warehouse Associate application covers a variety of positions which include the following:

    Pick/Pack - employees are responsible for picking and packing customer orders. This requires employees to walk the aisles of the warehouse while pulling a cart to fulfill customer orders. Other responsibilities include working on the line to package the customer orders.

    Returns - employees are using a computer to input information to process the return from the customer. They use their training to then determine what should be done with that returned product.

    Inbound - this would include our Quality Assurance Inspectors and Dock positions. Our inspectors are taking measurements and confirming the specifications of the products we receive from our vendors. The dock workers are unloading containers, completing sorts and counts of product, and receiving products to our operating system.

    Colony Brands is taking extra precautions to protect our employees from the pandemic. Some of those precautions include:
    Enforcing 6 feet social distancing
    Using protective barriers
    Providing face masks
    Vigilant hygiene practices
    Continuous facility cleaning & sanitation

    Colony Brands, Inc. is one of North America's largest, multi-channel, direct-marketing companies. The company maintains an extensive portfolio of affiliates, brands, and products ranging from cheese and petit fours to apparel and kitchen appliances, while maintaining its roots as a private, customer-centric business based in Monroe, WI. We're financially sound, yet our success is not just defined by our profits; it's about living our Core Values, giving our employees the opportunity for growth and providing a better place to live and work! To that end, Colony Brands generously supports the communities we work in and offer many benefits and programs that support the well-being of our employees. We are an equal opportunity employer. We will provide equal employment opportunities to all people in all aspects of the employer-employee relationship without discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age (except when prohibited by child labor laws), sexual orientation, genetic information, disability, marital status, veteran status, or any other classification protected by applicable state and/or federal laws. This affects all decisions including, but not limited to, an employee’s compensation, benefits, leave of absences, working conditions, terms and conditions of employment, opportunities for hiring, training, transferring, or situations involving layoffs, returning from layoffs, demotions, and/or promotions. Employment related decisions are solely based on the individual applicant or employee’s qualifications. It is further the policy of the company to comply with the letter and spirit of applicable local, state, and federal statutes concerning equal employment opportunity.
    Temporary/Part-Time Employee Benefits/Perks:
    •Performance Based Pay/Incentives - We provide job performance pay and incentive based pay for the majority of our Temporary/Part-Time roles
    •Shift Premium pay for 2nd, 3rd, and Weekend shifts
    •Holiday Pay for employees returning for their fifth consecutive season
    •Safety and Attendance Incentives
    •Employee Discounts - Our employee sales program offers employee discounts on items ordered from our catalogs and selected Outlet Store. Discounts range from 45% to 50% off.
    •Employee Mini Stores - Discounted product offered at our multiple Employee Only Stores
    •Flexible Work Schedules

    APPLY ON THE COMPANY WEBSITE www.colonybrands.com

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