Bob Dylan was once quoted as saying “There’s nothing so stable as change.” For the Grow Clinton Organization Leadership Institute, we have chosen to embrace Mr. Dylan’s theory, and inject a little change of our own.

    For over 30 years, Grow Clinton has accepted the charge of developing future business and community leaders as part of our Leadership Institute Program. Our own development, as members of the Leadership Institute Committee, consists of acknowledging the feedback that we receive from our past students.

    Feedback from our 2018 graduating class included statements such as:

    • “When I first came to Clinton, it’s very easy to get completely absorbed in work and assume there isn’t really anything extra out there.  Being a part of the Leadership Institute, I realized how dynamic the city truly is, there are a lot of improvement projects everywhere!  It gave me an appreciation for the city as a whole, and the people in all areas that help the city run.  Everyone I met through the program was friendly, and I’ve met and spent time with many of them outside of the class, even after it ended.” - Chris Jacobs, ADM

    • Grow Clinton Leadership Institute introduced me to a lot of things going on in the area that I was not previously aware of.  It also opened my eyes to the fact that there are a lot of hardworking and energetic people committed to strengthening the Clinton community." - Rob Manatt, Wendling Quarries

    • "I truly enjoyed my experience with Grow Clinton Leadership Institute.  As a life-long resident of Clinton, I was pleased with the amount of information that I learned about our great city.  It was fun to meet and interact with my fellow classmates,  the chamber, and members of the community.  A big thank you to the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce for providing us with this networking opportunity." - Jenny Green, Clinton Community College

    • “Grow Clinton Leadership Institute really opened up my eyes to the happenings in Clinton and the Surrounding area.  I was able to interact with other up and coming leaders in a variety of career fields, and collaborate together on a multitude of mini projects and a really neat group project.  I have already tapped into a wonderful network, cultivated during class, to gain information beneficial to hiring practices for the City of Clinton”. - Jeff Chapman, City of Clinton